Joanna Roberts - journalist/copywriter

I am a freelance journalist based in Brussels and Dublin. I'm deputy editor of Horizon, the EU's science magazine, and I also contribute to publications including the Irish Times, the Guardian, the Irish Daily Mail, Irish Tatler, Women Mean Business and Women's World.

Examples of my work


Public should be at heart of 21st-century science - Commissioner Moedas
I report from the ESOF science conference on the debate around open science

Electric roads to charge your car as you drive
I find out how wireless charging could help reduce e-car drivers' range anxiety

Life could have existed under Martian surface - ESA chief Woerner
I talk to the head of the European Space Agency opens up about life on Mars, his plans for a moon village and the role of space diplomacy

Diamonds could help slow climate change
I find out how new technology could turn power station emissions into fuel

Researchers predict molecular motors, social robots and competitive legumes in 2016
I ask scientists what scientific breakthroughs they foresee for the year ahead 

When science meets art
I discover how collaborations between disciplines is helping improve science and innovation

Teaching robots to talk is child's play
I discover how scientists are using child development techniques on robots, and are even planning robot kindergartens

The nano-sandwiches that could transform electronics
I find out how scientists are layering 2D materials to create new nanomaterials with on-demand properties

Not a morning person? There may be a cure for that
How scientists are developing drugs that target your body clock

No limits - the biologists who are changing the rules of plant productivity
I talk to the scientists who are thinking in new ways to meet global food security challenges

Snail-inspired pollution test wins EU young scientist award
The winners tell me how the eggs of pond snails can be used to measure the amount of pollutants in water

New kilogram proves to be heavy challenge for scientists
When is a kilogram not a kilogram? I look at the international quest to find a new definition of mass

The Irish Times

Budget renters feel the squeeze
I look at the crisis looming at the lower end of the rental market due to a shortage of affordable accommodation, a lack of new social housing and the abolition of the bedsit

Meet the in crowd for business funding
I talk to online crowdfunding initiative Linked Finance, which matches small businesses looking for loans with people willing to lend

Farewell to the humble bedsit
Tighter regulations of rental properties may force many landlords to sell up

'Everyone thinks I must be some kind of animal'
Cage fighting, or mixed martial arts, often gets a bad rap but, contrary to its image, those involved say it is skilful, safe and appeals to a wide audience.

Social entrepreneurs recognised
Ten Irish social entrepreneurs received a financial boost when they were awarded €100,000 each from the Arthur Guinness Fund to develop their enterprises

Feat of flames for Viking isle
I visit Lerwick to join Shetland’s Mainlanders in fighting winter gloom with a raucous fire festival

Bright lights, open spaces
I travel to Vancouver, the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics – to discover a city built by people who love the great outdoors

The Guardian

In the spotlight
Your friends might love those boozy holiday photos - but what would a prospective employer think? I look at how to clean up your online profile

If you only do one thing this week...change your commute
Fed up with the monotony of the working day? Change your route to the office and put a fresh perspective on the nine to five

Ear to the Ground

Sowing the seeds of farmer health
In theory it should be one of the healthiest occupations but farmers face myriad health problems, as I discover

Ghost of Christmas dinner past

Turkey, cranberry sauce and all the usual trimmings are par for the course when it comes to Christmas dinner. But these are very much 20th Century traditions. I look back on the traditions of Christmas dinners past

This farming life
What does it mean to be a farmer in 2011? Five farmers from different sectors share their perspectives with me

Women Mean Business

Is multitasking bad for us? - view article: pdf
When busier doesn't necessarily mean more productive


One Door Opens - view article: pdf
You've spotted them hundreds of times, given them a little nod and a smile as you pass by... I chat to some of Dublin's best-known doormen

Tricky Business - view article: pdf | jpg
I hang out with Dublin’s magicians

The Death Racket - view article: pdf
Nothing is certain but death and taxes, so no matter what the economic backdrop, funerals provide a steady line of work. I meet some Dubliners for whom death is a daily business.